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November 26, 2016


The Most Used Gear this Past Season



The end of this year’s shoulder season is rapidly approaching in the Pacific Northwest. I recently spent some time reviewing the equipment that I brought along on the hikes and camps. Over the past few years I’ve upgraded most of my equipment and this was the first season that I had all of the UL gear that was on my “wishlist”. The gear was light, packed neatly in my MLD prophet, and worked well together. That got me to thinking about the most useful upgrade I had made... read more




This isn't a style question. I'm no fashionista - and if I ever tried to be I'd be laughed back into hiding in my basement. Rather, this is a question about what's best for my vision in different situations... read more

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I frequently re-assess the foods I take with me when I hit the trail. My general strategy is to focus on caloric density so that I hit a high calorie per ounce ratio. My starting point when planning meals is 1800 calories per day; that will increase if I'm looking at a couple of days of grueling hikes... read more

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